XRAY unveil XB8E 2018 1/8 E-buggy kit

XRAY have introduced their new XB8E 2018 1/8 E-buggy kit, an icon of unequaled reliability & outstanding performance.


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All-new 2018:


    • All-new chassis with more space between front wheels and side guards, new positions for rear brace for improved chassis flex characteristics, and chamfered front edges for less dirt pick-up
    • All-new chassis design is now fully compatible between XB8 & XB8E platforms
    • All-new wing mount is 40% lighter with super-low CG. With considerably less weight behind the rear suspension this significantly improves handling characteristics. All-new construction allows more flex. Features new, optimized wing mounting positions
    • All-new rear brace between wing mount and rear chassis brace prevents rear gearbox breakage during impacts, as well as moving the transfer of energy to a different part of the chassis
    • All-new weight transfer from rear wing to the middle of the car reduces tension on the rear diff bulkhead
    • All-new rear body holder
    • All-new rear shock tower features two lines of shock absorber mounting positions and an updated design to allow fitment of the new wing mount and gearbox brace
    • Harder rear lower arms for increased side stability and improved durability in hot conditions
    • All-new stronger, reinforced steering ball joints for increased reliability
    • All-new composite graphite shims between steering ball and nut ensures free operation of pivot balls even in extremely dusty conditions
    • All-new improved diff O-rings for more precise differential sealing
    • Softer shock membranes for improved shock performance in bumpy conditions
    • Front & rear CVD drive shafts for increased rear traction
    • 2.6mm rear sway bar for increased traction
    • All-new stronger head screws for diff bulkheads for more reliability
    • High-speed body for improved handling on high-speed tracks and improved rotation in tight corners

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Wataru Takashiro signs with VP Powermaster

See: BEAT1 Racing

Japanese VP Powermaster distributor BEAT1 Racing have announced the signing of Kyosho driver Wataru Takashiro to their team for 2018 season. Wataru will use VP fuels throughout his campaign that will see appearances at all major races in Japan and overseas, such as the World championship in Australia. Wataru will represent VP fuels into the japanese market and supports drivers at the track. So if you see Wataru at the track , please feel free contact him anytime!

MIP EB410 Ackerman plate

MIP have introduced a new Ackerman plate for the Tekno RC EB410. CNC machined from high quality aluminium in-house for highest precision quality, the part comes anodised and MIP’s logo is laser-engraved. The plate provides more accurate Ackermann geometry throughout the entire range of steering motion.

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DNC at Fear Farm AZ: 100% sure!

Joey “The Dirt” Christensen sent us this statement aimed at reassuring and specify that the location of the 19th annual The Dirt Nitro Challenge remains unchanged, at the Fear Farm RC in Phoenix, Arizona:

“Hi racers!! I know there has been some concern as to whether or not the 19th annual DNC will FOR SURE happen at Fear Farm AZ Feb 21-25…Myself and the owners of Fear Farm have been 100% the whole time, but to ease any doubts, here is a photo of myself and the Fear Farm owners during my walk through of the facility on Tuesday Jan 16th! We are standing on the drivers stand with the track in the background 🙂 Two thumbs up from the men in charge!! We have great plans for the race with a new stand for the 5th scale event and a new stand for the U4 event! There will be a few changes but nothing that will interfere with the the 19th annual DNC!!! We are excited and look forward to making this years DNC one for the record books!! See you all at the track!”

6MIK Optima CS400 4-shoe clutch system

See: 6MIK

6MIK have introduced their new Optima CS400 4-shoe clutch system for 1/8 buggy. The CS400 4-shoe clutch system is designed to increase the traction, make the car more easily to drive even in extreme conditions and provide lower consumption. The 4-shoe clutch features two aluminium black shoes (heavy with little contact surface) to bit early but not completely, and two aluminum gold shoes (light with a full contact surface) to bit later but completely. No break-in is required because the shoes have the perfect profil to suit the clutch bell. The springs are positioned inside the shoes prevent them from heating and limit the wear of the clutch and the pins are screwed for easy maintenance.

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No changes for the XRAY XT8 in 2018

XRAY have announced that the XT8 kit will remain unchanged for the 2018 race season. The team had great success in 2017 claiming many wins around the globe including the ROAR National title. XRAY will continue to test and develop the XT8 platform, and they have some new performance parts that will be released soon to expand the tuning options for the truck. The XRAY team will start the 2018 season at the upcoming Dirt Nitro Challenge event in Arizona, and will continue to support the XT8 while working towards further improvements.


Daniel Kobbevik signs with Elefun

See: Elefun

XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik signed with Elefun. Elefun is maybe the biggest shop/distributor in Scandinavia, a very strong company present in all areas of RC and hobby. Specialisted in drones and planes, they are now also stronger and stronger in racing products for cars as well. Daniel had the following to say about the cooperation with Elefun:

“Its so cool to get this upportunity, testing tyres, giving feedback, and try to help out with some off the sortiment, so representing Elefun is an honor for me. Huge thanks to Knut and all the other guys at Elefun AS!”

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PR SB401 high-performance body

See: PR Racing

PR Racing have introduced the new high-performance body for the SB401. This high-performance, aerodynamic low profile body is designed to reduce the roll of the car while improving rotation in corners on very-high-traction tracks. Made with lightweight, high-quality premium polycarbonate material, the body features a streamlined shape for optimised air flow and smooth side-pods with a top central rib for increased stability.

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