Daniel Kobbevik wins WBC Cup Rd2



Past weekend the Boras MRK hosted round 2 of the WBC Cup at one of the best indoor tracks in Sweden. In 4WD, following the rounds of qualifying Daniel Kobbevik took the overall TQ ahead Hampus Berg 2nd and Alexander Landén 3rd. The first final was very static for a long time where Kobbevik was leading and Alexander was putting a lot of pressure on Hampus. Kobbevik made a mistake and dropped down and Alexander was then running second, but got hit by a car that was re-entering the track and dropped down the field. Eventually he managed to salvage third with Kobbevik taking first and Hampus second.

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Team Orion battery protection boxes


Coming from Team Orion and made for storage of LiPo batteries are the battery protection boxes. These battery “Military Style” steel boxes will help mitigate the risks caused by the use and storage of LiPo batteries. The boxes are equipped with purposely fitted foam padding to avoid electrical contact, they can be locked and thanks to rubber seals they are also air tight. The battery protection boxes can be easily carried thanks to a practival handle and also easily stored in a shelf. Available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

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Elliott Boots explains REDS Racing Quattro Clutch System


In this video REDS factory driver Elliott Boots shows you how to assemble, remove the shoes and tune the Quattro Clutch System.

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Serpent SRX2MH brass mount & 4-gear standing transmission set


Serpent have introduced two optional parts for the Spyder SRX2 MH, a new brass mount and 4-gear standing gearbox. Starting with the brass mount. It mounts in the rear front and replaces the aluminum version as used standard in the SRX2 MH kits. The brass mount is heavier than the aluminum version and its extra weight is used for balancing the car to the drivers preference.

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Changes ahead for Elliott Boots ?


Reigning two-time European Champion Elliott Boots got in on the Silly Season act with a cryptic post on his facebook page today. Boots hinting that things may change and first up would be an announcement regarding which car he would be driving in 2017.

NeoBuggy expects Boots to stay put with Kyosho, not to mention REDS given the imminent family connection 😉 What looks more likely to change would be his fuel sponsor, Byron only yesterday announcing a considerable shake up to their 2017 plans.

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PR Racing looking for USA regional distributors


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PR Racing have been in contact with us, announcing plans for expansion which including looking for USA regional distributors to make their products more accessible to everyone.

Currently, Bellgate Distributors are our USA distributor and we are pleased to continue our relationship with them, and thank them for their hard work since taking over from Hobby Pro USA – PR Racing

If you are interested in becoming one of PR Racing’s USA Regional Distributors please send an email to info@prengine.com.tw or precirotate@hotmail.com.

Schelle B6 Extreme battery strap & shock standoff set


Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced new Extreme battery strap and shock standoff set for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. First up is the Extreme battery strap made in 2.5mm carbon fiber, made in the USA designed for racers running the B6 laydown configuration on medium to low grip dirt. The low CG and fast cornering of the laydown is fantastic for racing, but many racers need more weight towards the rear for tracks that aren’t grooved up. The profile might remind you of an alien from Space Invaders, but every location you might want or need is included. The pack is held in place by 3-d printed 7mm hex battery stops which are easy to install with a 7mm wheel wrench. Stainless steel screws are included, but you can upgrade to aluminum or Ti to shave weight.

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Team Associated 4WD 2.2” front wheels


Team Associated have introduced new 2.2” front wheels for the RC10B64D and the B44 series buggies when outfitted with the optional 12mm hex. These wheels are the same diameter and offset that Team Associated has used with their 4WD buggies, but now they come with the more popular and durable 12mm hex mounting pattern. Available in yellow and white colors.

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